Marcells Tree Service 502-245-8733

Marcells Tree Service, Do you need a tree removed from your property?  

Our professionals will come out to your house and assess the situation.

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Our team will get the tree removed quickly.  

We are the top-rated Louisville tree removal company.  

Are you looking for a company to come out to your home?

Even more, your place of business and remove some trees?

It may seem like removing a tree is an easy job.

Louisville Tree Removal Louisville KY

Let me tell you that it isn’t as easy as you might imagine.

Sure, using a chainsaw to slice through the tree isn’t so bad.

What about cutting the rest of the tree and then removing it from your property.

Without doing any damage to your home.

Marcells Tree Service

We take pride in our work and guarantee.

Our service will remove any and all trees that you need to be removed quickly and safely.

Without any damage to your property.

When we are done, it will be like it was never there!

Marcells Tree Service

Don’t take it upon yourself to do a project like removing a tree.

Sit back, relax, and give us a call! 502-245-8733

Simply pick up the phone and hire the professionals at Marcell’s Tree Service.

We will come to your house and remove the tree!

Give Garry Marcell a call at 502-245-8733 for a free estimate now.

DIY Tree Removal

Our Louisville Tree Removal service is second to none!

Louisville Tree Trimming

We offer a safe and affordable Louisville tree trimming service.  

Are your trees overgrown on your property?  

Are a few trees growing around some power lines?

Louisville Tree Trimming - Marcells Tree Service 

You need to get them trimmed! 

Do you have some trees on your property?

That has become overgrown, and is taking over the landscape?

Is one of your trees dangerously close to a set of power lines?

Louisville Tree Service

Don’t try to trim the trees yourself.

That’s too dangerous.

Imagine what would happen if you broke some powerlines.

Your local electric company isn’t going to be too happy with you.

Take the safe route, and hire a professional to do the job for you.

DIY Louisville Tree Trimming

Marcell’s Tree Service.

Has been doing tree work in Louisville for over 34 years.

The best solution is to pick up the phone and hire professionals.

Marcell’s Tree Service will come to your house and trim the trees for you!

Garry Marcell 45 Years Ex

Give Garry Marcell a call at 502-245-8733

Our Louisville Tree Trimming service is second to none!

Louisville Stump Removal

Our Louisville stump removal service is second to none.  

Instead of spending all day trying to remove that stump on your property.

Let us remove the stump for you.

Tree Stump Removal Louisville KY


It’s not too hard to cut a tree down with a chainsaw.

But when you are finished you are left with an unsightly stump in your yard.  

We will remove it for you today. 

Removing a stump is a lot tougher than you can imagine.

Trees are older than you think.

Best Time To Prune Apple Trees

In fact, most of the trees you see are older than you are.

During all of that time, their roots have dug into the ground and set them into place solidly.

Most people think that burning a tree stump will do the job.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

All you will accomplish is making your neighborhood smell of smoke.

The Best Burning Fireplace With Crackling Fire Sounds

It will leave the stump more unsightly than it was in the first place.

The best solution is to pick up the phone and hire professionals.

Marcell’s Tree Service to come and remove the stump!

Give Garry Marcell a call at 502-245-8733 for a free estimate now.

Our Louisville Stump Removal service is second to none!

Marcells Tree Service Guarantee

Marcells Tree Service Double Guarantee

Marcell’s “NO RISK” Double Guarantee.

The Most Through Tree Care Ever…or it’s FREE!

If you ain’t HAPPY…I mean totally thrilled…

You don’t owe me a dime… not one red cent.

In fact, if you are not completely satisfied I will pay you $250.00…

Cold hard cash, just for the asking.

You can hire another tree service company to replace us.